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Minox MD 50W Waterproof Spotting Scope
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Great BodyWith a 16x to 30x magnification power lens to improve your sight range in the field, the Minox MD 50W Waterproof Spotting Scope comes with a fully waterproof body design that makes it lightweight thus making it easier to carry around. Its lightweight body ensures that all the internal optics of the telescope are well-protected from external forces. Its body is very compact yet at the same time very robust as it also gives you a comfortable stance while bird watching or in any other activity.

 Requires less space but it still gives the best results. The telescope has been built to suit the needs of outdoor lovers as it can be the best supplement to your ordinary binoculars. This is possible by the fact that it is small in size and takes less space in terms of dimensions. It also provides clear and distinctive images that are backed up by its powerful pupil that ensures that you get the best rendition of all the natural colors that are around you. Read Here More Optics Hunt.

 Comfortable to use. Being an angled scope, it provides you with the best and most relaxed position as you either sit or lie on the ground while bird watching as long as in other activities too. Its sleek and lightweight design will also ensure that the scope can be used even without a stand. Even though it is most advisable to use a stand to ensure maximum support and comfort for you.

 Inside parts are protected. You do not have to worry about the scope getting dust on the inside as it is armored with rubber making it dust-proof and waterproof up to 5 meters underwater hence ensuring that the inside parts are safe. The armored rubber around it also ensures that you get a good grip that ensures stable and comfortable use of the scope. The inside parts of the scope are also safe from any form of corrosion or fogging as it is filled with nitrogen.

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